Lingerie With Benefits – Sexy Thongs

Halter Eyelash Lace Bra Set Lingerie SetThongs have come a long way since their entrance into the world of lingerie. Are you interested in knowing more about lingerie with benefits? Once donned by strippers only, thongs are now one of the hottest selling pieces of lingerie. This skimpy piece of fabric is often worn for comfort or for the simplicity that it offers. More often then not, thongs are worn to drive men crazy with desire. After all, they are certainly eye catching, aren’t they?

Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, a fact that allows women to wear almost anything and any color where lingerie is concerned. Today’s thongs have strayed away from their early beginnings when they were typically crafted in white, black, or red and adorned with lots of feathers. Although, if you know the right store to shop at, you can certainly pick up a thong or two with fluffy feathers, colorful ribbons, or pom poms.

Practical Uses

Sometimes thongs are worn to avoid the panty lines that show through when wearing tight pants, skirts, or capris. The telltale signs of panty lines can be embarrassing, especially since it makes the woman appear as though she is wearing panties that are too small or slacks that are too tight. A thong avoids this dilemma nicely.

Sometimes thongs are worn simply because they feel more comfortable than regular granny panties. If your thong isn’t comfortable, then the size that you have selected is not the correct size for the shape of your derriere. Choosing a good fit is the only way to experience the terrific sense of comfort that wearing a thong can offer.

Thongs are often worn because wearing them makes women feel good about themselves. If a woman’s lingerie is comfortable, she is going to start her day in a better mood. If a woman’s lingerie makes her feel sexy, then she is going to go about her day with a glint in her eye. She is going to pull in all kinds of compliments about how something about her seems different today. It isn’t always what you see, is it?

Sexy Uses

More often than not, sexy thongs are worn to attract attention from a boyfriend, husband, or lover. Sporting a colorful band of cloth above low-riding jeans is like having a neon sign attracting attention. It is no longer considered embarrassing to show a bit of lingerie here or there as women don sexier outfits and even sexier lingerie. Thongs certainly fall into this category. Hiding almost nothing while hiding everything that needs to remain hidden, these tiny bits of fabric with their eye-patch shape and their y-shaped back offer sexy appeal to those who dare to glance their way.

Women who like sporting thongs rather than full-size panties are quite confident that their derriere is nicely shaped and worthy of this sexy piece of lingerie. Once they begin to wear them, everyone around them begins to know it too. After all, while these bits of fabric hide little, they rarely remain hidden on their own.

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